The Nikon F6

Take a look at John Crane’s Nikon F6 Project. His site is thorough and has some stunning images made with the F6 and a keen eye. The F5 and F6 are two very different camera’s made at very different points in Nikon’s history. Namely before and after digital but more importantly they are aimed at two different audiences. The advantage of film is that is really doesn’t matter what camera you have, as long as you have one!


Here is a link to the Nikon F5 Pool on Flickr. Some great images from a great camera, still relevant even today!


Over the last couple of months I have finally had the time to put a lot more into this website to make it what I had imagined. The history and camera pages still have a long way to go but the rest is taking shape. If you have any information or thoughts that could help please send them through and don’t forget, if you have a cracker of a shot taken with a F5 send it through and I’ll place it in the gallery. Happy shooting!

Nikon F5 Site

After a while of drawing on scrap paper as to what all this should look like and contain, Nikon is up and running! I will be adding more as and when time allows so stay tuned.