Here I have gathered as many resources and reviews on the Nikon F5 as possible. There is plenty of information out there documented by many photographers’ alike but little compares to the excitement and learning curve of buying a Nikon F5 and firing away. If you have more information or would like to include anything then please get in touch.

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Nikon F5 Reviews
Ken Rockwell (Main)
Ken Rockwell (User Guide)
MIR (Malaysian Internet Resource)
Image Power
Thom Hogan
Nikon F5 NASA (Timm Chapman)

Other Nikon F sites
Nikon F6 (If you thought film was dead, think again. John Crane’s work with the F6 is stunning.)
Nikon F4 (Unfinished project.)

Nikon F5 Books

Magic Lantern - F5

PIP Guide - F5

Claude Tauleigne - F5

Thom Hogan - F5

Magic Lantern
PIP Guide
Claude Tauleigne
Thom Hogan (ebook)

Nikon F5 Adverts
Hard to find these days but Nikon’s older advertising was far better than what it is currently. Instead of megapixels and processors they use to pitch to your real needs, reliability and dependability. If you were in the field without a Nikon you were second place even before the finish.

Nikon F5 Body Advert

Nikon F5 Lion Advert

The glossy sales pitch and useful information that Nikon included with each F5. Rare items just like the original boxes if you have them.

Pocket Guide

System Guide - Cover

System Guide - Page 1

System Guide - Page 2