(Image courtesy of Author)

Since seeing the Nikon F5 blast away frames on the big screen and in various print ads, I knew I just had to have one. Working with the F3 and FE for many years as well as jumping into medium format, I initially put aside dreams of owning this incredible camera. Then with a favourable exchange rate and a turn of pace in workflow, I caved in and bought one. Since then, I have never looked back.

The F5 is a solid brick of refined precision. Yes, the size and weight are a lot for most people as is its thirst for AA power. But once you have it in your hand and realise how nice it is to hold and how well balanced it feels, all is forgiven. It becomes a natural extension of yourself. I have spent the past three years shooting with the F5 and have never needed to complain. It’s finish and durability are light years ahead of the plastic that covers todays DSLR market. It does all I need it to, and it does it fast, very fast!

I have decided to develop this site for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the domain was not taken and sites for the F3, F4 and F6 already exist. As the last great film SLR from Nikon, I believe it should get the coverage it deserves. When it was released in 1996, it’s days until the birth of digital were already numbered. Lastly and most importantly, If I can further champion the use and beauty of film by showcasing what a truly incredible piece of electro-mechanical engineering the Nikon F5 was for its time, then my job is done.

Imported from the future and flown out of this world courtesy of NASA, the Nikon F5 has by every means has made its mark, helping to capture millions of images of this Earth and beyond.


Gareth Buckett