“The Nikon F5 is the world’s best ever SLR camera. It has by far the fastest and most versatile autofocus system, able to maintain a high speed film advance of 8fps. Of special note is the tracking focus which overrides the chosen focus point to keep pace with moving objects in a way that has never before been possible. It possesses the most ingenious light metering system which even takes colour information into account. The body is constructed of rigid aluminium alloy and titanium to withstand the tough handling required of professional photographers. The F5 is the fully integral flagship of Nikon’s acclaimed system of lenses and accessories.”

European Imaging and Sound Association

“The F5 is a solid block of precision. It is so well sculpted to my hand that it becomes an extension of my arm, not really needing any sort of strap. Even the well-worn sample I bought used has no jiggles, no soft spots, no play, no rattles, and no nothing except smooth, solid, swift and instantaneous operation.”

Ken Rockwell

“After 4 years and 3 F5s I am still fascinated by this camera. By no means perfect the F5 is still the best non-digital professional 35mm camera currently available. There will probably never be a successor as the future goes digital but I am sure Nikon will put all the experience won with the F5 into future professional digital hardware.”

Michael Weber

“At the time I purchased the F5 I deemed it the most incredible camera I’d ever worked with. Indeed it was. But once the F6 hit my hands there was simply no putting it down. In retrospect I wish I kept the 5 as a back up. But perhaps like a great but unsatisfied athlete designated by management as second string because the guy in front of him happened to be the best on the planet – he was not content as a back up and wanted to play! I thought it better to get the camera in the hands of someone who was actually going to shoot it rather then allow it to languish in my crate. There’s no doubt I’ll reacquire one in the future.”

John Crane

“I’ve dragged my F5 up 16,000 foot passes, around Patagonia, through the backwoods of American, and deep into Alaskan wilderness. It’s been rained on, attacked by killer dust storms, dropped, kicked, and shoved recklessly into my pack. It looks like and performs like new. If you can afford it and don’t mind lugging the extra weight around, the F5 is king of the Nikon 35mm bodies.”

Thom Hogan