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Nikon F5 25th Anniversary Products

Nikon Japan has just released a couple of 25th anniversary products for the F5 through the Nikon Museum. These include a red faced analogue watch with the Nikon F5 as a silhouette and a dedicated Nikon F5 hard carry case. … Continue reading

Getting The Most From Your Nikon F5

NASA Nikon F5

Photographer Timm Chapman has a fantastic collection of NASA Nikons including the F5. His website includes numerous images and a wealth of information on theses rare cameras. Be sure to check it out!


It’s been a while since I have been able to post anything here however that’s about to change. Some kind words from those interested in this still relevant camera assure me its time to add some more content and images. … Continue reading

Nikon D5 Rumours

The Nikon F5 was launched in June 1996. The Atlanta Olympics were in Jul-August 1996. Nearly 20 years on the Rio Olympics are in August 2016. I’d place good money we’ll have a Nikon D5 in June 2016. Will it … Continue reading


I was fortunate enough to review a unique and new product called Meta35 prior to it’s release. Here’s what I made of it. The Meta35 system by Promote Systems allows film photographers to retrieve their shooting data from compatible cameras … Continue reading

Complete Guide

Tom Hogan’s Complete Guide to the Nikon F5 is available as an eBook from his website. A great resource of information if you found the Nikon manual a bit light on and want to know more about the camera’s custom … Continue reading

Nikon F5 Universe

Here is an old Nikon commercial for the Nikon F5.

New Catalogue

Here is a Nikon F5 catalogue not previously seen. It has much of the same content as the original brochure with the exception that this was printed in 2003 by Nikon Japan. PDF to follow.

Nikon F5 Brochures

Here are the two main brochures that Nikon released with the F5. I currently only have a copy of the one on the left however I will provide PDF files of both in due course.